Monday, August 12, 2013

DIY NO SEW TEMP SOFA COVER - a quick solution for kid's Sharpie doodles accident

It happened a few days ago.

I was working in the back room and hubsey was working in the other room. I could hear the kids making some noise while playing together in the lounge room. It was peace and quiet until I decided to check them out to see what they were doing.

Arggghhh ... my kids had been scribbling on my microfiber suede sofa using Sharpie permanent marker! (gasp!)

And the Sharpie that they used was not a normal Sharpie. It was the "Rub a dub" version..

According to Sharpie website it's "... perfect for marking fabrics and synthetics, marks permanent on cloth and stays permanent through washing and dry cleaning."

(Double gasp!!)

I screamed out loud in shock and hubsey quickly stopped his work and came to my rescue. Both my kids froze in terror, realizing that they were in big trouble here. We gave them a stern warning ... they both cried and said sorry. We hugged and forgave them. (Although it crossed my mind to put them in the naughty room for a day .. :) .. just kidding). After all, they were only little. The little one were 2 years old and yes he was the main culprit!

After the incident, I googled so many websites to see if I could recover my sofa. And apparently, I was not the only one who experienced Sharpie doodles accident. Some websites suggested hairspray or nail polish remover to remove Sharpie stains! (who would have thought?)

Since I only had nail polish remover at home, I tried the method. But I guess my sofa was too light in colour, or that the type of Sharpie I used was kinda different, it smudged the scribbles, making my sofa looked even dirtier.

It did cross my mind to paint my sofa like this one here (she did an impressive job!) but I scraped the idea. I thought it would be time-consuming. So I had to come up with a quick solution.

PS: No I didn't Sharpie my sofa ... if you're wondering :) This was what I did:


Fabric from Ikea (this is what I used, costs $3.99 / meter). I used 2 meters for mine.


1. Measure your fabric against your sofa. No need measurement, just roughly see how much fabric you need.

2. Cut up your fabric and simply tuck it into your sofa, starting from the bottom part.
PS: You may cut the fabric if it's too long.

I'm a happy mama again! The whole project costed less than $8 and took me only 15 minutes.

Of course, my 2 year old was delighted to see there's a new thing in the house ... he was jumping up and down on my fabric-covered sofa before I could stopped him. Surprisingly the fabric stayed pretty well.

Also, since I didn't use any pins to secure the fabric, it would be very easy to take out and put in the washing machine if it gets dirty.

Plus I LOVE the fabric pattern I chose. Apart from its low cost, if my 2 yo scribbles on it again, his doodles would have blended in really well with the rest of the pattern ha! :) (Bonus point!)

Look at my son's cheeky face. Finally he could sit down still on the sofa
(okay .. it was because I gave him the 'look')

Have you ever had any Sharpie accident at your home?


  1. I like your sofa's makeover (the second one..). Ikea has lovely fabrics, I should visit them again some time soon and give my room a little makeover.

    1. Thanks marieken. Yes they have so many nice things there and great price too! Can't wait to see your room's transformation marieken x

  2. Gorgeous! It adds art on your sofa!

  3. Oh no! I bet your kids were having lots of fun before getting :)
    Your fix turned out great! And I love the fabric you fitting :)

  4. Haha, oh my goodness! Such a clever solution, though! I never would have thought of it!

    1. Yes that was exactly my response "OMG!!!" haha ... thanks allison. I'm just glad I didn't have to buy a new sofa. At least not until the kids are a bit older.

  5. Oooops ;-)
    Your 2 yo is too adorable to be angry with! I've never seen this IKEA fabric before, it looks great!!

  6. Sharpie accidents? Oh YES! Although, my kids like to call it Sharpie Art. Great way to cover up. =0) Do you have a quick fix for a wall? LOL
    Visiting from EBT.

    1. Yes you're right! Although I have to be honest with you. I also drew on the wall when I was little. Let's hope your kids and mine have some artistic talents lol. For the wall, will the Sharpie still visible if you paint the wall?

  7. When JC was 2 y.o she scribbled a lot on papers, books, table, chair, wall to floor. She even got punishment from her childcare principle when she did it on desk with crayons (The principle asked her to clean up the desk as punishment). Now she does drawing most of time and to become painting artist is her dream :). Your solution for sofa is brilliant! I almost buy the same fabric to make bed sheets last week. And when JC saw your living room, she spontaneously said "Oh, I love the sofa!". Honest comment from a little kid :)

  8. 90%+ alcohol will take Sharpie off of hard surfaces. Doubt anything would have saved the sofa.

  9. It looks really great. I bet you could easily sew a slip case to replace the damaged ones more permanently. The cushions are fine, just give the ruined ones to your local dry cleaner and ask them to copy it in the new fabric, then just sip it over the old one :)

    And yes, that is one cute baby!

    1. Thanks for stopping by my blog A Cappetta :) The sofa is a one piece, so everything are joined together including the seat, cushions, legs, etc. So unfortunately I cannot pull it apart without wrecking it.

  10. Love your solution...clever and inexpensive. Just a thought, though. Looking at the scribbles I see some really striking art. If you take good, high resolution photos and have them printed out you would have two pieces of unique and beautiful designs. Your children are beautiful!

    1. That's clever idea Ann! Although I'm a little worried that they may see it as an encouragement to do another unintentional art :) thank you for you kind words x

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